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Who's Driving Innovation in the Enterprise?

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Transforming Big Ideas into Real Opportunities


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About Leadtail

Leadtail works with innovative companies to develop social media strategies and to leverage social insights research. 
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About Brightidea

Brightidea software is designed for innovation programs. We have the experts and methodologies to advise you on how to build and optimize your innovation program. 
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Tranforming bold ideas into next-generation opportunities is hard work! And like most big, audacious undertakings, it helps to join forces with others on your quest for innovation success.

Brightidea and Leadtail collaborated to identify 40 innovation leaders, across a number of industries, and looked into how the people who do the "business of innovation" engage on social media.

Download your free copy of this Social Insights study and discover:

  • What innovation program leaders across industries talk about
  • Which websites and online publications keep them in-the-know
  • Who they engage with and who influences them on social media


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